Procurement Advice:

White Turban masters in creating liasons between artists and institutions. We take pride in paying singular attention to the requirements of individual institutions in search of artistic procurement. We understand that different institutions, be they educational, hospitality, private or public, have specific and varied aesthetic, decorating, curatorial and financial considerations. Whether it is a signature piece, hundreds of pieces, investment purchase or temporary event and site specific pieces that are required, White Turban will find the ideal creative solution. Furthermore, if the perfect artwork doesn’t exist already, we will work with skilled artists, fabricators and our in-house team of designers to create your custom piece.

Installation, Packing and Shipment:

White Turban allows buyers to delegate to us the hassles of packing and shipping artworks from Pakistan. We also take care of customs and insurance on behalf of the buyers, as well as provide the services of installing the works under expert curatorial and aesthetic advice.


We offer our services in cataloguing artwork collections, as well as rotating those on display on a regular basis so as to ensure not only a refreshed environment but also the longevity of the artwork.

Guided Tours:

White Turban can provide customized itineraries and guided tours of the most exciting local artistic spaces and studios to interested institutions.