ambrWhite Turban Art Consultancy is a Pakistan-based company that is dedicated to providing the utmost curatorial, aesthetic and financial advice regarding Modern and Contemporary art. With an acute grasp of current market trends, critical judgment and rounded art world experience, White Turban uses its largest updated database of established and emerging Pakistani artists to provide holistic advice to artists, collectors and institutions. We link art and business together and focus on the inexplicable nature of the Art World that continues to fascinate and capture headlines. Placed exclusively at the service of our clients helping them build their collections, we also assist artists to create liaisons with international galleries and other art institutions. Our highly trained specialists guide with acquisitions, negotiations, de-accession and transactions; as well as aid with insurance, packing and shipment of artworks.  White Turban is the opus of Ambereen Karamat, a Fulbright scholar, graduate of National College of Arts, Pakistan and School of Visual Arts, New York. She holds a masters degree in Art Criticism & Writing, additional credit courses from Columbia University’s Art Administration Master’s program.  A former member of global team of Christies South Asian Contemporary Art department, Ambereen holds experience in both international and local primary and secondary art markets.