Art Procurement

White Turban boasts the largest updated database of Pakistani artists and a deep and integrated understanding not only of the art supply, but also of individual oeuvres. This ensures that we provide our clients with a thoroughly rounded collection strategy that is mindful of the collector’s curatorial, financial, aesthetic and decorating preferences. For existing collectors, we can advise on the best ways of expanding collections, or on how to alter them for greater coherence. When consulting on acquisitions, we will consider factors such as quality, condition, rarity and price such that every acquisition proposal we make is guaranteed to meet the demands of quality and financial soundness.

Pricing and Valuating Analysis

White Turban can provide clients with a detailed valuation of an artwork that involves a study of the pricing history for the artist in the last three decades along with price comparisons with other artworks by the same artist from the period and also works by other contemporary artists. We will research the historical significance of the work and the previous auction price references and provide current value estimation. If required, we can also provide a liquidity rating and analysis, a rarity and availability analysis and an investment rationale.

Investigation Reports

White Turban provides collectors with expert opinions regarding the authenticity, condition, provenance, quality and current international market value of artworks. We verify with living artists wherever possible as well as conduct a check on the provenance and documented evidence of an artwork. White Turban makes a detailed signature analysis of an artwork that studies its medium, styles and strokes, while also compare the particular piece with other works of the artist. A final report and certification of authenticity will be presented by the company.

Installation, Packing and Shipment:

White Turban offers collectors to delegate to us the hassles of packing and shipping artworks from Pakistan. We also take care of customs and insurance on behalf of the buyers, as well as provide the services of installing the works under expert curatorial and aesthetic advice.


We offer our services in cataloguing artwork collections, as well as rotating those on display on a regular basis so as to ensure not only a refreshed environment but also the longevity of the artwork.

Guided Tours:

White Turban can provide customized itineraries and guided tours of the most exciting local artistic spaces and studios to interested collectors.