I Only Ask To Be Free - CocaCola

Curatored by Ambereen Karamat, Installation Design by WT Team Member. Sept, 2015
White Turban designed and installed a stunning installation as a major attraction with the Savvy and Successful Event, held by Coca-Cola in Lahore, Pakistan.

 Installation Title | I Only Ask To Be Free
 Have you ever seen the particles of dust glowing in strips of light? These are the flying particles that shine in the world and reflect their light onto others. The installation ‘I Only Ask to Be Free’ is to celebrate women success in the society who managed to find their light to shine. The struggle has not been easy, some tripped, some fell but what was common in all was the determination to fight and head towards their goal. By crossing cultural boundaries and maintaining a balance in their lives, they magically grew wings to fly. From dust to light, they all fly high. Lets celebrate women’s success and let’s fly with them to higher grounds, a land that is free and pure. Let this installation be an experience into this journey.

Sculptor | Suleman Faisal
Performance Director | Sana Najam
 Performers |
Arooba Razi
Alizeh Zainab
Arooj Sarmad
Amna Azhar
Anushey Haseeb
Dua Azhar
Fatima Ali
Fari Khilji
Howra Batool
Hira Fatima
Hira Nadeem
Kousar Hashmi
Kashaf saleem
Maira Mustafa
Muzna Mahmood
Noreen Jahan
Nahida Raza
Nimra Jahangir
Reema Khan
Roma Farooq
Shayan Zafar
Sabas Arshad