Zaineb Siddiqui

Window I
Vinyl prints and glass sheets
12 feetx4 feetx3 inches
Artists Collection

Zaineb Siddiqui’s images are deconstructed visuals that attempt to highlight the dissonance between the image, presented as holistic, and its meaning as pluralistic and often challenging. Her work is about fragmented experiences that exist in a post-post-modern world. Thus her videos and sculptures are experiment in construction and simultaneously deconstruction of imagery to highlight the nature of perception.
For her all phenomena becomes cohesive through a continuous process of layering; layers of time and space. She is interested in the idea of video as extended reality of the past in to the present.
Window I is part of her solo show named ‘Ways of Deceiving’ after John Berger’s famous book ‘Ways of Seeing’. The two window installations in the Rohtas 2 gallery were layered with the icon of the windows themselves; engaging the viewer to re-interpret imagery in opposition to the point of departure in reality.
Siddiqui lives and works in Lahore and graduated with a BFA, receiving a gold medal, from Beaconhouse National University in 2010. She has been part of various group shows such as the Vasl Residency Group show ‘Margins’, Lahore Literary Festival art show ‘Stet’ and a three person show ‘Other Spaces’ in Taseer Art Gallery. She has been nominated for the first Hans Nefken BACC Asian Award.

Image Courtesy | Zaineb Siddiqui