Zahid Mayo

Untitled (Crowds At Untitled Surface Series)
Oil on Canvas
60×72 inches
In Collection of Ather Shahzad Studio

Art is means to self-exploration and a gauge to one’s evolution. My work is a manifestation of simple walks around the society; results of a few lingering images that I am compelled to translate onto surfaces – flourished by my imagination. These paintings are embedded with elements from my subconscious, brought to one canvas from varying places in my memory. An amalgamation of different times, spaces and people who have never met, these artworks become imaginary assemblies brought to life by my mind, through my diaries of sketches and photographs.
Crowds At Untitled Surfaces was my thesis project in which I painted crowds, imbuing in them a sense of loss and confusion. Though the crowd is dense, a feeling of individuality remains, with most figures seemingly detached and unconscious of each other, completely engrossed in their own actions. A dark palette with ochre highlights fill the works a Renaissance like mystery, furthering the sense of loneliness. In many ways, the works speak about the experience of coming from a small village and feeling lost in bigger cities.
Zahid Mayo is an emerging artist; born in a Pakistani village in a farming family. He has studied art from the Naqsh School of Arts, Lahore, and The National College of Arts, Lahore in 2013. He works with various mediums (Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Installations and Videos), exhibiting work in various national and international galleries.

Photo Credits | Zahid Mayo