Wardah Shabbir

Many Metamorphosis
Variable size

Not only contradicting it, but complementing the theory of evolution, there is a doctrine of devolution. Although man, in his present form has developed from animals, but he is also reverting back to his distant ancestors in one way or the other. In our common day language, social interaction, political discourse and state emblems, we refer to individuals as animals of different kinds and in various connotations. These are reminded to us through popular stories, fables, folklore and mythologies.
An esoteric personal imagery exhibited in an entirely self-derived language; the experiences within my own environment have enabled me to acknowledge the undertones of the flourishing dystopic world which is steeped in discourses of cruelty, violence and power. I am trying to explore that bond between species which becomes a metaphor for man’s inner turmoil and hence transformation,
With the symbiosis of traditional miniature practice and digital media I further want to learn more about interactive/tangible environments. The physical and the non-physical mediums incorporating the human sensorium by retaining ‘Metamorphosis’ as a theme where the viewer, myself and the work become ‘one’ and we experience the same sensation by reacting in real time as it gets evolve.
Many Metamorphosis was my first initiative towards the understanding of ‘interactivity’. By covering the entire floor of the Lahore based gallery Rohtas II with fragrant patches of green grass, the piece made nature tangible and brought it alive. The visitors were requested to walk bare-feet on the grass in the gallery and whilst they looked at the paintings.
Wardah Shabbir graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore in the year 2010 with major in Miniature Painting with Honours. She is based in Lahore and since then been practicing arts along with teaching at the Miniature Department of National College of Arts, Lahore.

Photo Credits | Wardah Shabbir