Sara Khan

Mixed medium
47×34 cm
Private Collection

I explore the relationship between the malleability of the individual and the limitations of our physical world; between the personal micro-history of people and the larger histories of the spaces they grow up in- the inseparable bridge between an individual’s personal experiences and the way they touch and experience the world around them. The foci of my work, and the mediums used to express them are intrinsically connected. The narrative flowing through my work is often humorously disconcerting and is expressed through finding a balance between opposing mediums and wacky characters – they can be warped and grotesque yet delicately painted in ink; seemingly plain but extremely eccentric, exploring the thin line between madness and sanity within themselves and the civilization they are part of.
I intend to record everything around me through a vantage point that converges at an amalgamation of certain curiosities. These curiosities center on the role that memories, nightmares and dreams, trauma and the unconscious, play in our understanding of the self and its surroundings. Some of the scenarios come about through a deliberately eschewed perception of the people around me; others are perhaps closer to their owner’s reality- it is largely dependent on my emotional connection with them and my own mental wellbeing.
Playground is about over bearing adults wholly dependent on children for solace and joy.
Sara Khan did her BFA from the National College of Arts with Honors in 2008, specializing in painting.

Image Courtesy | Sara Khan