Sara Aziz

The Pouter
Gold Plated VIP Metal and Brass
11x5x2.5 cm

Sara Aziz works in delicate, intuitive ways to address universal emotions. With a sensitive and whimsical hand, Aziz explores the human fragility and vulnerability concealed under the pressures of daily continuation. Festering in negligence, these insecurities lay amassing strength for inevitable, internal putrescence. The ability to speak about a disturbing, painful and yet relatable reality with playful wit is one of the greatest strengths of Aziz’s work.
Her recent works explore normative perceptions of feminine beauty and the consequences of idealizing specific characteristics. From ancient Chinese foot-binding to present day cosmetic surgeries, women have voluntarily suffered tremendous pain in order to conform to normative standards of feminine beauty. Today with a continually evolving and unattainable criterion, this obsession has taken on unprecedented vigor leading to a universal sense of irreparable deficiency and a burgeoning desperation.
Aziz’s piece The Pouter addresses the price of beauty trends with poignant humor. Made in gold-plated metal with a customized dental retainer, The Pouter is a contraption that can result in its wearer developing a ‘natural’ pout after prolonged use.
Her minimalistic pen and ink work The Gentlemen’s Guide to Understanding Ladies is a delightful drawing of a set of 25 female facial expressions visible from behind the restricting view of the ‘purdah’. The work in its pretend jest raises compelling questions. In Beauty Rules, Aziz challenges the strongly unaccommodating and unrealistic standards of South-Asian feminine beauty by creating playful ‘Words of Wisdom’ placards that make simple didactic statements like ‘Be Fair’.
Living and working in Lahore, Pakistan, Sara Aziz holds a Masters in Art and Design with Distinction from Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan and a BFA (Hons) from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Scotland where she was awarded the Ian Eadie Prize.

Photo Credits | Sara Aziz