Samina Islam

Part of the Pattern
Needlework, Digital print on canvas
118×113 cm

Samina Islam’s work critiques social and cultural issues. Strongly gender based, her work often reflects Islam’s view that women form the backbone of a society; her work speaks sensitively of the patriarchal tendencies in ours.
An interdisciplinary artist, Islam allows the content of individual works dictate the material and the creative process. Her aptitude for experimentation led her to incorporate the use of fiber and thread within her photographs, resulting in striking tactile richness.
The models used in Islam’s works are always chosen for personal significance and the artist takes great pains to choreograph the facial expressions and atmosphere in order to ensure the desired language of the piece. In Part of the Pattern intricate embroidery is used on top of a digital photograph; the pattern symbolizing everything that constricts a woman. Becoming a part of the pattern is in many ways losing your own identity as an individual.
Brought up in the Netherlands, Islam moved back to Pakistan later in life. She got her Fine Art Diploma in 2002 with Distinction from Studio Art, and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She lives and works in Karachi, where she heads the Art Department of Karachi Grammar School (College section).

Photo Credits | Samina Islam