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Sabuhi Essa

Came, Did and Gone
Digital collage, digital print on paper
11×8 inches

Sabuhi Essa makes surreal art work with digital collages and illustrations. The artist blends humor, fiction and anonymous photography to create some really splendid digital imagery. Having roots from a peaceful piece of land Hunza valley the art work she creates is a result of astonishment, after being exposed to a situation of terror, violence and venerability in the other parts of country.
Her recent work is an expression of existential crises of human beings. Where each and every individual questions the very foundations of their life: whether their life has any meaning, purpose or value. In this series of her recent work the artist juxtaposes creatures other than humans with photographs of situations of pain and sufferings that humans are blessing to other humans. The artist plays with the scale of humans and the creatures which evokes a feeling of pain and suffer. The creatures on the other hand depicts the human race which suffers, getting killed but still not awake, just busy making bread and butter and not aware what is happening. Trying hard for an ephemeral recovery from the current situation – and the cycle repeats again and again. Came, Did and Gone is depicting the current situation of a home where the foreign forces owns it more than the residents do. They make decisions for you, take responsibility to feed you and to heal you and in the end tear the house apart and leave you behind with the regret of giving them the power.
Sabuhi Essa is currently stationed in Islamabad. She is a recent graduate of the National College of Arts, Lahore with a Distinction in BArch.

Image Courtesy | Sabuhi Essa