RN_nowhere V web.jpg

R. M. Naeem

Nowhere V
Acrylics on Canvas
24×60 inches

R. M. Naeem’s consistent use of the human figures portrays a life-long dedication to the understanding and inquiry of the human nature and of man’s spiritual journey. His paintings are consistently contemplative and at times haunting, often depicting a Sufi-istic protagonist – humble and submissive. They have a soul-searching presence, instilled with a sense of calm and peace and a conscious effort to refrain from messages that could hurt people on personal, political or religious grounds. When he does depict disturbing imagery, he likens the experience to a cathartic expulsion of negativity.
Recent works have increasingly represented urban symbolism like road-signs and repetitive black and yellow strips suggestive of control and restriction. The symbols have a strong and daunting presence in the otherwise calming works, and for Naeem they represent messages integral for spiritual correctness.
R. M. Naeem graduated from the National College of Arts in 1993 with a Distinction in his BFA. Currently he is an Assistant Professor at the National College of Arts, and founder of the Studio RM, an art education establishment since 1994. In 2008, Studio RM also initiated the Studio RM International Residency Program. Naeem has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally.

Image Courtesy | R. M. Naeem