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Pratima Thakali

Time Ceased Being a Continuous Line
Acrylic on canvas
91.44×121.92 cm

Pratima Thakali works about her personal experiences which coexist within spaces as an allied form of memory. They are in an abstract state, and these memories are associated with her feelings and thoughts. Thakali believes that thoughts are the threshold to open or shut the memories related to spaces which reproduce vaguely in a way that the correlation between past and present gets affected by personal experiences. However, the narration of spatial memory bridges the gap between the past and present through reality and fiction; where memories unfold and recreate a new dimension with ambiguous story.
Time Ceased Being a Continuous Line is about the possibility of feeling different experiences come seeping into the individual, all in one single moment – a moment when everything stands still. This is when one can enter another dimension, a dimension which is different and beyond the reality. But the irony is that this moment is inescapable, cannot be ignored and evokes mysteries. It is like a revelation, ominous but real and that alienates. A space that tends to catch motion as it interlaces with time and marks down the countless chronicles that have been woven between time and space. Things are logical, we may not understand, but the sense of mysteries that we find in reality, dreams, through the memories and those reflect in one moment.
Thakali graduated with a BFA and MFA with honors from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan as UMISAA scholar 2007-2014. She has also been the winner of a gold medal from the Beaconhouse National University. Thakali currently resides and works in Nepal, and has been part of national and international shows.

Image courtesy | Pratima Thakali