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Muzzumil Ruheel

The Third Perspective
Ink on archival paper
13×10.5 inches per panel (Set of 7) Installation size variable
Private Collection

Muzzumil Ruheel’s work is not based on any meticulous idea and the subject matters of his work changes with time. This varies from religious references to socio-political, historic to personal subjects and Art itself is also a subject of discussion in his work. Training in visual arts and the traditional practice of calligraphy has helped him in the practice of reviewing traditional art forms and re-contextualizing them in conceptual premises.
Ruheel’s practice is majorly informed by his surroundings. It is a way of archiving his own history, it is an ongoing process supported through real life experiences, art norms and traditions, which are his sources of visual and conceptual material.
The work The Third Perspective investigates the visuals that are perceived in our minds when we hear of stories and events through another’s narration. The investigation travels into realms of those visuals that are conjured through stories that have either only been heard or those that were born out of visuals. This is an exploration of shapes that may not be perfect but having been given formal premises they deserve to be documented formally as well and this is where Muzzumil’s constant process of production has taken ground.
It is a metaphorical interpretation of the carefully chosen words that we find in history. The construction and reenactment of an historical event painted in literature by someone decades apart, pretending to be present as events unfold. Drawn visuals with a web of exceptionally intricate written calligraphy, so exquisitely uniform and fine that that it seems like a shade of grey from a distance, brings to life possible realities of a silent history.
Ruheel has worked and has exhibited in Pakistan and abroad. His work has been collected privately and institutionally.

Photo Credits | Muzzumil Ruheel Studio