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Munawar Ali Syed

I Saw it Once at the Indus Valley Civilization
Fiber glass, wood and old books. Edition 1/3
104x96x60 inches

Munawer Ali Syed is a practicing sculptor exploring the malleability of various mediums. Syed in his work addresses the issues of everyday life such as identity, diaspora, hierarchy and social stigma. The proliferation of mass media, propaganda and self-absorbent attitude towards life provide the basis of his work.
The work I Saw It Once at the Indus Valley Civilization is an installation of a large fiberglass buffalo placed stagnantly on a stack of English, imported books. The placement of the life-size structure of the domestic animal with literature creates and intriguing relationship and completes the narrative, as stated by Quddus Mirza ‘it indicates the connection and tension between the modes of existence and different world views.’
Munawar Ali Syed hails from the city of Hyderabad; after his BFA degree from National Collage of Arts he now teaches at the Indus Valley School and Karachi University VS department. He currently lives and works in Karachi and has been an active member of VASL artist collective.

Image Courtesy | Munawar Ali Syed