KM_Turbulent Waters web.jpg

Kamran Maqsood

Turbulent Waters
Red terracotta clay
11x25x2.5 cm

Kamran Maqsood has a deep and unremitting relationship with clay, calling it the ‘mother of all creations.’ The material requires and allows an all-encompassing involvement – from start to finish, each tiny bit of the clay having travelled through the fingers of the artist and moulded into perfection.
In not many artworks is that quality of clay as evident as it is in Maqsood’s beautifully intricate pieces. His work Turbulent Waters is an apt example, profound in its subtle energy. Visual music, Turbulent Waters is a melodious repetition of hand crafted petals, each seemingly originating from within the other. By containing this organic flow within the harsh parameters of a rectangle, the artist snaps the viewer back to reality.
Inspired in part from the indigenous textiles and traditional designs, Maqsood believes that his work reflects his personal complexities as an individual, and speaks inherently of his roots. The creation involves an intuitive, meditative process imbuing the pieces with a Sufistic, spiritual transcendence that is key to the beauty of Maqsood’s work.
Kamran Maqsood currently works as a lecturer at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Lahore having graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore. He is the winner of the ‘Golden Tile’ international ceramics competition held by the Terra Rossa Musée de la Céramique Architectural in 2013.

Photo Credits | Kamran Maqsood