JB_Self web.jpg

Jamil Baloch

Acrylic on wood
70x24x18 inches
In collection of Camilla Hadi Chaudary

My work deals with the situations in our surroundings and the current global political scenario. In particular, I am interested in Balochistan, a region in Pakistan where I belong from, and a place experiencing constant political turmoil. The social structure here revolves around the concentration of power within a select elite; I try to probe that system and question its legitimacy and impact. Hence my work has political content, though it is not dominant since I believe that the work of art must transcend from immediate issues and particular problems. In order to achieve that, I construct my narrative such that it does not illustrate the situation rather it indicates the reason behind the socio-political conditions.
In recent years, most of my work is executed in the form of sculpture, drawings, paintings, and mixed media installations. I try not to accept the boundaries that seem to separate materials or inspirational sources. I have always explored diverse medium and a variety of themes, which somehow are inter-related to one another and through them – to me.
In Self I am continuing to explore issues which concerns humankind in relation to the aesthetics that is found in the world around us. The work portrays my symbols of stagnancy and sterility as inner and outer feelings of a person, society or natural surroundings. It is an abstract representation of my urge for understanding and unfettering the boundedness and the restrictions that prevail at large.
Jamil Baloch graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 1997. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, and is winner of the National Excellence Award at the 8th National Exhibition, Lahore and an Honorable Prize at the 13th Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh, 2008. Baloch is currently an Assistant Professor at the National College of Arts, Lahore.

Photo Credits | Jamil Baloch