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Irfan Hasan

After Francois Gerard – Psyche Receiving Cupid’s First Kiss
Opaque watercolor on paper
60×40 inches
Private Collection

Realism has stimulated and informed Irfan Hassan’s art practice for over a decade now.
It led to studying Da Vinci’s drawings, sculpting heads after Rodin and painting the self-portrait with Courbet as a reference – forming the basis of his training in Indo-Persian miniature painting.
Throughout the course of Art history, various artists have responded to art movements; styles and techniques preceding them; such as Rembrandt’s drawings of Mughal miniature and 19th century Company painting in colonial India.
After is Hassan’s homage to European classical portraiture and the practice of stylization in Indo-Persian miniature painting through synthesis of segments of classical figures and portraits with miniature painting.
Irfan Hasan graduated from National College of Arts in 2006 with a BFA in miniature painting.

Photo Credits | Majid Bayd