Friction web.jpg

Gopa Trivedi

Natural pigments, gouache, khadiya, and gum arabic on wasli
54×72 inches

My works deal with the portrayal of materiality in an ordinary life. They are my attempts to, fabricate the nuances of longing which focus on past but do not seek the past. The patterns in these works resonate with the notions of perfection and the repetitions in a mundane life. The objects become the personifications of the nature and the emotions of people. The works oscillate between longing and belonging. Exploring traces of life embedded in the material legacy of a household.
They are my attempts to address social and individual anxieties through the degeneration that happens within every day, whether it’s a person or an object or a community. According to me the domestic space is an apt example of how everything is interdependent, how the inside is affected by the outside and vis-à-vis.
The work Friction talks of negligence and the presence of absence. It tries to explore the similarities between the inner self of a person and the spaces inhabited by them.
The chair in the corner has chipped off wood and stains at the handle, suggesting that it was once used. But the dust settled in the corners of the handles and the back shows negligence. Marks on the walls are also caused due to the frictions, when the chair was in use. The vast space further accentuates the emptiness.
The multiple patterns are a reference to the repetitive nature of a daily life. How each day becomes a repetition of the other and how the “ideal life” becomes the mundane life after a while similarities between the inner self of a person and the spaces inhabited by them.
Gopa Trivedi completed her Bachelors in Visual Arts in 2010, and Masters in Visual Arts in 2012 from the University of Baroda.

Image Courtesy | Gopa Trivedi