Atif Khan

Landscape of the heart, (I) Edition 9
Archival inkjet print on Hahnemulhe paper
17.5×25 inches

Atif Khan incorporates diverse natural and historical imagery in one visual using photo-editing software. His work “Landscape of the heart, (I)” is entirely based on found images. These derive from truck paintings, miniature paintings and various illustration books.
Khan embellishes these images with drawings and other eclectic pictures to create new meanings and translations of our familiar visual language. Landscape of the heart (I) by and large focuses on the insensitive behavior of our ruling class towards the national interests of our country. Relying on the support of ‘others’, they mostly do not care about the loss they are inflicting upon our nation.
Collecting images of different time and space and placing them together to form a unified composition also pushes the viewers to try to find out the links between juxtaposed images, which is an essential element of Atif Khan’s art works.
Atif Khan graduated (with distinction) in 1997 in Fine Art from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. He is the winner of the ‘UNESCO-ASHBURG Bursary for Artists’ and ‘Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award’ and has a number of residencies under his belt. Alongside his artistic practice, Khan is the faculty member at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan since 2005.

Image Courtesy | Atif Khan