Asif Ahmed

In Between
Gouache on wasli paper
9×11 inches approx.
Private Collection

The contemporary art of Asif Ahmed questions traditional art. He investigates traditional art values and practices and explores its role in shaping contemporary art by juxtaposing different detailed images. By borrowing references from historical miniatures and overlapping or superimposing them with others from a different time and space, Ahmed investigates the transformation of traditional miniature.
In In Between Ahmed explores the multiple layers of the current art scenario. Here he juxtaposes classical imagery with the more ubiquitous media photographs of bomb explosions, questioning tradition and visual culture. Being trained as a miniature painter, Ahmed focuses on retaining the formal aesthetics from traditional painting.
Born in 1980, Karachi, Pakistan, Ahmed holds a BFA (Distinction) from National College of Arts, Lahore (2004). His works has been featured in several national and international exhibitions and art fairs including auctioned in Sotheby’s London and Saffron Art. He lives and works in Karachi. Pakistan.

Image Courtesy | Asif Ahmed