Ahmed Faizan Naveed

In The Realm Of Senses
Televisions, DVD players, solenoids and fabric
Variable Dimensions

Relativity of displacement, coexistence, time, light and space, under the spectrum of senses and perception are the basic elements of interests in Faizan Naveed’s works. His practice cannot be defined by a single medium; from amalgamated mechanical sculptures to very common objects from one’s surrounding like plastic bottles or even light. He says of his work, ‘I feel my presence not only in the ‘present’ but in the future also, the past is somehow continuous. – Being curious by nature makes logic no boundary for me, but the physical material on the face of earth, automatically validates itself logical. This is where I knit visually minimalist works that I tend to call ‘art’… Everything connects as dot-to-dot game!”
Naveed’s mechanical installation In the Realm Of Senses incorporates a fabric, hanging between the two old television sets each with the video of pedestal fan. The curtain is given a wind like movement leaving the viewers perplexed about the fans in the video and the source of the wind.
His recent works explore the play of light with objects and space. In a video installation Factual Resilience of Forms That Never Existed he uses video as light; how the reflection from the screen occupies an empty space resulting in a remarkably soothing and calm effect. Naveed’s series of Observation of Refraction of Light Through Objects, brings a simple scientific experiment into a gallery space using transparent objects from our surroundings and light. The refractions of that light complete the work.
Born in 1989, Ahmed Faizan Naveed lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with Distinction from Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan and has been displaying his work at various venues nationally and internationally.

Image Courtesy | Ahmed Faizan Naveed