Abdul Jabbar Gull

Ordinary Souls
Height 10 feet
In the collection of Mosan Museum, South Korea

For Abdul Jabbar Gull, the main sources of inspirations are humanity, spirituality, politics and the human condition. He has fascinated with the ‘ordinary’ man, striving to express their common sufferings, grief, and relationships on individual and collective levels. Exploring different Religions, Gull endeavors to understand Spirituality and Sufism. His work also deals with the local and global politics and the misleading ‘war of propaganda’.
When asked of his motivation to work, Gull replies that it mostly the urge for self-expression, “As a sensitive being I feel and experience inner and outer world impressions that I share through my work. But the more I try to explore the mysterious link of the corporeal world to the ethereal world, the more my thoughts fly on delicate wings of imagination. Searching for answers, I am confronted with ever deeper, unresolved questions.”
Gull’s art sets out to explore numerous questions arising from the changing circumstances of his life, tracing the mysteries and ambiguities faced in this process. Born in 1969 in Mirpurkhas, Pakistan, Gull graduated from the National College of Arts in 1996. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has works in collections across the world.

Photo Credits | Nadhom Al Jaburi