Aarish Sardar

Political Statement
Digital C Type / RA-4 Print on luster photopaper
23.4×16.5 inches
1/5Editions available: 2 sold

Aarish Sardar’s interest lie in general current affairs expressed through new and conventional media, which clearly explains the visual anthropology and psychoanalytic interventions of an instructive rather than informative control of mass culture redefinitions of relationship fruitions.
Sardar tries to understand the undelaying concepts of complex human relationships through philosophical interpretations and subjectivities of an individual towards the known and unknown. Born and bred in Pakistan, Sardar left for resettlement to the UK upon the completion of his studies. While away from Pakistan for eight years, he has been under the tavern of self-realization of being in nomadic melancholy. This frame of reference has been reinforcing him to dissect and explore anthropological and minute details.
Sardar practices mainly within the multimedia realm to explore his queries. Currently he is working with video and animation pieces, using typographic imagery as his primary visual language.
The print titled, Political Statement One is a satirical comment on a conventional mindset where followers think that things will be self-driven in the right direction without putting any effort. They naturally tend to believe in a utopian delineation of being optimistic, while continuously and happily living in dystopia, without truly apprehending its reality.
Aarish Sardar has a BFA with distinction from National College of Arts, Lahore and MA in Communication Design from Kingston University, London. He is a permanent Faculty member at the department of Visual Communication Design at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. He practices as a multimedia artist and designer has had work exhibited at the St Paul Art Space in White Chapel, London amongst other galleries in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Image Courtesy | Aarish Sardar